Case Study

Epilepsy Advocacy for UCB

Changing perceptions about epilepsy


UCB, an epilepsy leader, looked to inspire people with epilepsy to seek better seizure control.


Patient voices are often the most insightful and motivating to people dealing with similar symptoms.


  • My Four Words, hosted on UCB’s Epilepsy Advocate Facebook page, invited personal stories with epilepsy in just four words, with focus on seizure control.
  • My Four Words was featured at the National Walk for Epilepsy, and on the Epilepsy Advocate and Epilepsy Foundation Facebook pages.
  • A multi-channel social campaign invited people to upload their “game face” using #TackleEpilepsy hashtag as part of a Super Bowl tie-in; noted football coach shared his epilepsy story with media.


  • My Four Words Facebook content reached 1.5 million+ users and generated 50,000+ likes, 10,000+ shares, and 2,500+ comments. Additionally, 100,000+ users directly engaged with the content.
  • Epilepsy Advocate became a platform for new patient/caregiver engagement initiatives.
  • Sports Illustrated TV, CBS Radio,, and other media outlets covered the campaign.
  • Social outreach drew 1,300+ “game face” photo submissions, retweets by star NFL’ers to their followers.