Case Study

Building the Voice of a Cancer Authority

Elevating Leadership, Driving Membership: American Society of Clinical Oncology


As competition for influence and new members intensified in an evolving, digitally-driven oncology environment, a revitalized brand positioning and steady drumbeat of thought leadership bolstered the reputation of ASCO as the source for credible information about clinical cancer care and the quest for new cancer cures.


ASCO’s contribution to cancer knowledge is what propels oncologists and policy makers forward in advancing patient care.


Shape and share ASCO’s brand and content, focusing on the knowledge ASCO brings to practice and policy. The creative conceptualization of an aspirational tagline, Knowledge Conquers Cancer, captured the new, research-based brand value proposition that ASCO is the cancer community’s “trusted and timely resource.” Thought leadership initiatives—including a National Cancer Opinion Survey, policy agendas to improve the state of cancer care in America, and digital platforms to demonstrate the progress made against cancer over the past half-century—showcase the power of evidence to improve patient care. “I Live to Conquer Cancer” and news strategies for ASCO’s scientific meetings and journals spotlight the dedication of oncologist researchers, and the importance of federal investment in cancer research.


  • 88% increase in media coverage and message delivery, including 485% increase in top-tier coverage, and cancer research gains due to advocacy and media message pull-through
  • Well-received brand value proposition, tagline, and brand expressions validated by members as critical future-facing recruitment strategy