Sacha Evans

Senior Vice President, Public Affairs

Sacha Evans

Sacha is a trusted counselor to clients working at the intersection of health, public policy, and social impact.

Sacha is a seasoned communications strategist with a strong track record of building client relationships and achieving organizational goals. At M Booth Health, Sacha has overseen work for major healthcare systems and leading international and U.S. public health institutions. She specializes in integrated communications, with expertise in communications related to infectious diseases (COVID-19, STIs, TB, HIV), healthcare delivery (oncology, cardiology, orthopedics, mental health, substance use), and reproductive health and rights. Prior to joining M Booth Health, Sacha advised social impact organizations including Planned Parenthood Global, the Social Innovation Fund, the World Health Organization, and the American Civil Liberties Union. She also worked in-house at several media and arts nonprofits. Sacha holds a journalism degree from George Washington University and has published freelance writing in major consumer media outlets.

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