Kate Weissman

Head of Operations

Kate is Head of Operations at M Booth Health, focusing on optimizing the employee experience and the work we create for our clients.

Kate has over thirteen years of agency experience, holding several different roles that have shaped her unique skillset. She started as an Account Lead in Consumer and Tech, transitioned to Project Management in Healthcare, and then was given the opportunity to lead Operations across various capabilities. Kate is a strong proponent of integrating Account Leads with Specialist talent and has played a key role in the successful execution of that integration on numerous prominent accounts. She is also passionate about fostering an inclusive environment at her place of work and has served as a DEI Lead or team member for the past decade. She is committed to ensuring an inspired employee experience at her companies, launching various initiatives to recognize, engage, and incentivize her colleagues.

Health equity is Kate’s North Star. She started her career at the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Philadelphia, and she currently serves as the State Lead Ambassador for the American Cancer Society’s Cancer Action Network of Massachusetts, working with federal and state legislators to implement cancer-related policies to eradicate the disease and eliminate healthcare disparities. She is also a Cervivor Ambassador, spending her time educating communities about cervical cancer prevention and health equity in the gynecological cancer space.

Outside of work and health advocacy, Kate is an avid reader and food enthusiast. She lives in Boston with her husband Matt, their spunky daughter Louella, and their fur baby Giada.