Tim Bird


With a deep mission-driven focus, Tim is committed to producing meaningful change in lives and health through insightful and compelling communications.

Tim’s philosophy and vision led to the creation of M Booth Health, a firm that combines the creative firepower of consumer agency M Booth with the specialized healthcare communications expertise of the former Corkery Group and Cooney Waters. As chairman, he is passionate about staying close to client challenges. Over three decades, he and his teams have helped companies define and build their reputations, manage issues to reposition themselves in the marketplace, launch new products, and heighten awareness of existing brands. He has directed corporate and product communications programs for Gilead Sciences, Inc., Abbott, UCB, Inc., Sanofi, Pfizer, Forest Laboratories, Eisai Inc., The Coca-Cola Company, and the United Network for Organ Sharing, among others. Tim is especially proud of his partnership with clients to achieve progress in the prevention and treatment of two of the world’s most challenging chronic diseases—diabetes and HIV/AIDS. Tim is a graduate of Temple University.

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