Case Study

Meningococcal Disease Immunization for National Meningitis Association

Protecting adolescents who are at increased risk for rare but deadly bacterial meningitis


  • Increase understanding of the risk and danger of meningococcal disease to teens and young adults, especially among their parents
  • Build awareness and support for the availability of a safe and effective meningococcal disease vaccine


The perception that meningococcal disease was only a risk for travelers kept parents from getting their at-risk teens vaccinated.


  • Developed Moms Mission Possible, a campaign that put a face on meningococcal disease through powerful personal stories of loss from parents and survivors
  • Created a popular television PSA series that even after a full year ranked in the top 10% Nielsen-monitored PSAs
  • Launched national and regional media campaigns aimed at mothers of adolescents and college students about the risks of meningococcal disease
    Logo for Moms: Mission Possible fighting meningococcal disease


  • The heightened awareness supported changes in immunization policy and practice at the national, state and institutional level to ensure more adolescents and college-age students were immunized.
  • Greater patient advocacy and media coverage reached hundreds of millions of parents.
  • The PSAs were shared extensively via social media.