Case Study

Breaking Down Barriers in HIV-Vulnerable Communities for Gilead Sciences

This hyper-targeted campaign reached vulnerable, at-risk communities with influencer-led HIV prevention advice through a mix of earned and paid media.


Motivate those most vulnerable to HIV in the US—Black gay and bisexual men and transgender women and Hispanic/Latinx communities, with empowering, sex-positive and stigma-busting messaging that built awareness of HIV prevention and encouraged them to speak with their partners and healthcare providers.


Stigma prevents candid HIV prevention conversation. Sexual health is a topic people will only talk about with people they trust.


The My HealthySexual Story campaign engaged minority, transgender and gay influencers and community organizations to shape “Healthysexual” content for sharing with most at-risk population segments through targeted paid and earned media.

  • Crafted message track to drive and engage traffic to website
  • Produced custom video content with influencers for Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and local community organization channels to drive web traffic
  • Developed shareable content—e.g., GIFs and video clips—to drive web traffic



  • Geo-targeted content reached black gay/bisexual men, transgender women, Hispanic/Latinx communities
  • Videos/content viewed 300,000+ times among Southern, 18- to 34-year-old target audience
  • Campaign generated outpouring of gratitude and praise.